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  • NAB banks on partnerships

    National Australia Bank is partnering with a range of other organisations, and investing in startups, to broaden the range of services it is able offer customers and to bolster its position in the face of a range of players that are competing for segments of its business.

  • Culture critical for AI success

    A successful AI strategy can’t just be based on technical capability within a business but should be underpinned by an agile culture that’s open to experimentation and a willingness to embrace data-driven decision-making, according to Microsoft’s CTO, Worldwide Services, Norm Judah.

  • NAB, Microsoft collaborate for facial recognition-based ATM

    NAB’s customers may one day be able to ditch their cards when withdrawing cash from automatic teller machines, with the bank partnering with Microsoft for a proof of concept ATM that uses facial recognition and a PIN to authorise transactions.