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  • AMD challenges Intel with dual-core Neo chip

    Advanced Micro Devices on Monday said it had started shipping the dual-core Athlon Neo processor for thin and light laptops, upping the ante in its battle with rival Intel, which offers processors for similar laptops.

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  • Mobile Snapdragon chip to hit 1.5Ghz, dual-core in 2010

    Reactions to the Nexus One have been mixed now that the hardware is out, but one place that surely isn't lacking is the Snapdragon processor. With a 1Ghz clock speed, the Nexus One is one of the fastest smartphones available.

  • Mobile CPU buyer's guide

    These days, even average mobile CPUs are powerful enough to rival their desktop cousins in every application other than gaming (and they're catching up on that front, too). That helps explain why sales of notebook computers are beginning to overtake those of desktop machines. If you use a PC for business or personal productivity, it's vastly more convenient to buy a computer you can take with you.