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  • Developers need to skill up

    IT developers will need to broaden their skill set across multiple areas if they are to succeed in their next job search, according to recruitment firm Hays Information Technology.

  • Windows Small Business Server 2011 shines

    Many small businesses have relied on Microsoft's Small Business Server (SBS) family of servers to get their feet wet with their first server and network. Introduced back in 1997 as BackOffice Small Business Server 4.0, SBS has matured into a tightly integrated platform of the most important services a small company needs: file and printer functions, email, calendar and contact sharing, and document collaboration. While it is limited in the maximum number of concurrent user connections, SBS doesn't shirk core services, providing enterprise-grade features at a price point almost every small business can afford.

  • SharePoint has its limits

    SharePoint came about as an effort to bring Microsoft Offices usability to tools for electronic collaboration. Jeff Teper, the Microsoft vice president in charge of SharePoint development, says the company saw an opportunity with users who wanted to share their files but didn't need a heavyweight content management system such as EMC's Documentum. SharePoint 2010 integrates Microsoft's PerformancePoint business intelligence tools and its advanced search engine, called Fast, as well as strengthens SharePoint as a development platform.

  • Seven social SharePoint apps built in a week

    Microsoft released the public beta of SharePoint 2010 in November. Its claim to fame is its support of rapid app development. SharePoint has become one of Microsoft's most insanely popular products and Microsoft would like to see the 2010 version become the de facto platform for custom business social apps.

  • SharePoint 2010 overkill for some, Forrester says

    Despite platform improvements coming in Microsoft's SharePoint 2010 server, the software is likely to be overkill for users seeking to meet isolated and specific requirements, according to a study by Forrester Research.

  • Google set to take on collaboration giants

    Signaling an intent to compete with giants in the collaboration software space, Google is introducing an API to extend the Google Sites collaborative content development tool, featuring a capability to migrate files from workspace applications such as Microsoft SharePoint and Lotus Notes to Sites.

  • Mainsoft links IBM Jazz, Microsoft SharePoint

    Mainsoft is linking users of IBM's Jazz platform for ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) to users of Microsoft's SharePoint platform for collaboration and business processes.

  • Hosted Exchange, SharePoint now widely on sale

    In five years, Microsoft expects half of all enterprise employees with e-mail to use a combined online and premises-based system like the company's Exchange Online, an executive said Monday at a launch event for that software and the SharePoint Online hosted collaboration application.