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  • Open source no panacea for e-health

    Open source software could provide a model for better e-health collaboration, but should not be seen as a panacea for addressing the interoperability challenges in healthcare, according to a leading healthcare industry CIO.

  • Is open source the key to successful national e-health?

    The Federal Government and healthcare industry bodies should abandon proprietary software and embrace open source if Australia is to have a successful national e-health platform, argues e-health academic, Professor Jon Patrick. Professor Patrick, who heads up the health information technology research laboratory at the University of Sydney, said the existing proprietary software used in the health industry lacked the flexibility and cost-effectiveness to meet the demands of emergency department clinical situations.

  • How do they do IT? Mater Hospital

    Seven hospitals, 1000 beds, 7000 staff, 9000 babies, 35,000 theatre cases and 90,000 emergency attendances is all in a year’s work at Queensland’s largest independent hospital group.