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  • nearmap spies offshore opportunities for geospatial service

    nearmap, a Sydney-headquartered company that provides a Web-based aerial imagery service with built-in geospatial tools, is assessing opportunities for overseas expansion in North America and the Asia Pacific, according to managing director Simon Crowther.

  • Tech behind Man of Steel's Metropolis coming to a developer near you

    Developers in the games industry and other industries will soon be able to integrate the technology responsible for creating the urban vistas of recent Superman movie <i>Man of Steel</i> into their own applications when Californian company Esri launches the new version of CityEngine next month.

  • Birds-eye view drives cost savings at Western Power

    Government-owned WA electricity company Western Power has cut the cost of manually checking on swathes of its infrastructure by feeding up-to-date high-resolution aerial imagery into the company's GIS (geographic information system) setup.

  • Studying North Korea via satellite

    Long-term remote sensing of North Korea using satellite images has helped overseas researchers build up a profile of the country including food production and military installations.

Features about mapping
  • A GIS pioneer on the future of mapping technologies

    With the founding of ESRI 40 years ago, Jack Dangermond pioneered the business of geographic information systems (GIS). He shares his perspective on how the Web has democratized access to geographic information, and how mashups between GIS and traditional information systems are transforming the way companies view and analyze business data.

  • Building a new window into crime

    By combining business intelligence and two foundations of Web 2.0 -- search and mapping -- a police department in the US state of Kentucky has built a brand-new window into crime. This Web-based BI portal allows patrol officers to enter data -- or even pieces of data such as a few numbers from a license plate -- into a simple search interface and retrieve information from their own databases and those of neighboring towns.