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  • Gillard: Filter is a “moral question”

    Prime Minister Julia Gillard yesterday took the high ground in defending Labor's mandatory internet filtering project, describing the issue of how to ensure Australians didn't get access to the wrong content as a "moral question".

  • Opinion: The Filter is dead, but it'll be back

    The Greens' success over the weekend in cementing their hold on the balance of power in the Senate has sounded the death knell for the government’s controversial ISP-level internet content filter.

  • Liberals to slash net filter

    The Federal Opposition has moved to trash the Government's highly controversial mandatory ISP-level Internet Filter.

  • Conroy goes unopposed in TV filtering debate

    The vice-chair of the Electronic Frontiers Association has laughed off being snubbed by Channel 7's <i>Sunrise</i> program for a segment on net filtering with the communications minister, Senator Stephen Conroy.

  • Net Filter companies losing ISP business

    Sales of web content filters to the telecommunications industry have frozen as reluctant Internet Service Providers (ISPs) wait for possible subsidy under the Federal Government’s national Internet content filter plan.

  • All eyes on Australia as Conroy pushes net filter

    Governments and organisations around the world are intently watching Australia as the Federal Government continues to peddle the proposed ISP-level Internet filter, former GetUp executive director and AccessNow founder, Brett Solomon, has revealed.

  • Net filter legislation status uncertain

    The Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, is yet to confirm whether the legislation for the contentious Internet filter will be tabled at the next Parliament sittings in May or June or after a Federal election.

  • Conroy silent on US internet filter knock

    The Federal Government has remained quiet on alleged concerns raised by the US State Department on a proposal to install Internet content filters in Australia. Under the national mandatory filtering plan, ISPs would be required to install filtering technology to prohibit access to websites on a government-held blacklist.