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  • Men versus women

    Which gender reigns supreme in the world of online professional networking? According to new data from LinkedIn, it's the men - both in the United States and across the globe.

  • Cloud CIO: In defense of corporate IT

    Last week's blog post, Cloud CIO: Yes, Your Job is at Risk, was one of the most widely-read-and definitely the most -post I've ever written for Clearly, the discussion of cloud computing's effect on a CIO's career struck a nerve with readers.

  • Hiring manager: Q&A with CTO of Dex One

    As senior vice president and CTO at Dex One, Atish Banerjea manages not only enterprise IT at the marketing-services firm, but also product development, reflecting a move away from the traditional CTO role. In today's world, he says, IT organizations must break out of silos and support growth with innovative approaches and emerging technology. Banerjea outlines how he's building an agile IT team with a digital mind-set.

  • IT résumés: Think twice about the advice you've been given

    Recruiters, professional résumé writers and other career experts give out tons of advice on how best to write a résumé that will stand out from the competition. Their intentions are noble - they want to help people land jobs - but the problem with their advice is that it doesn't always apply to IT professionals and the nature of the work they do, says Shana Westerman, a recruiting manager with IT staffing firm Sapphire Technologies.

  • Social networking ever more critical to job search success

    Jobvite, a maker of recruiting software, released the results of its third-annual social recruiting survey this morning, and the findings underscore the many reasons job seekers need to incorporate online social networking into their job searches.