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  • Print: the last bastion of cost cutting?

    Print management services provide a major opportunity for CIOs to slash cost at their organisation according to Andrew Rowsell-Jones, research vice president at Gartner’s CIO Research Group.

  • The Fine Print(ing)

    CIOs are finding that getting printing under control not only saves money, it opens the door to thinking about their printing requirements more strategically

  • How to tame printer chaos

    Are you turning over every stone to find hidden savings? The Procter & Gamble Co. is, and it found millions of dollars -- all hidden under thousands of printers and copiers.

  • HP to form new group for managed print services

    Hewlett-Packard is stepping up its efforts in the area of managed print services. The company plans to form a new group dedicated to this area, and is also launching a program that it says will help guarantee savings for customers who sign up for the services.