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News about Mainframes and Supercomputers
  • ISI scores eight-year Defence mainframe contract

    ISI will support and manage the Department of Defence’s mainframe environment under an eight-year contract worth $31 million. Lockheed Martin Australia awarded ISI the contract, which is part of Defence’s massive data centre consolidation program.

  • Russia building 10-petaflop supercomputer

    T-Platforms, a Moscow-based tech company that has built some of that nation's largest systems, is developing a 10-petaflop supercomputer for M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, the company said this week.

  • China beefs up its HPC training

    China can use its power of government control to bring major changes quickly, and it is moving to expand parallel programming training to help <a href="">its supercomputing efforts</a> -- and possibly its outsourcing industry, too.

  • U.S. HPC Lead in Danger

    The SC11 supercomputing conference in Seattle last month saw an almost obsessive focus on the development of an exascale computing system -- one that would be roughly 1,000 times more powerful than any existing system -- <a href="">before the end of the decade</a> .

Features about Mainframes and Supercomputers
  • A daughter follows her father into a mainframe career

    Kristine Harper and her father, Tom, both work on mainframe computers. BOSTON - Kristine Harper was about 12-years-old when her father took her to his office to take part of a "take your daughter to work day." Tom Harper said his daughter was less than enthusiastic about his profession that day.