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  • Macs in your business: InfoWorld's expert management guide

    Macs may be a minority of PCs in any business, but these days they are used by most businesses. And as more companies roll out "choose your own PC" and "bring your own PC" policies, IT will only need to be more familiar with managing Mac OS X systems.

  • New Apple patent hints at MacBook-tablet hybrid

    You don't need to be a Steve Jobs to see that as laptops become ever thinner and tablets become more and more popular, convergence of the products is inevitable. As that day approaches, Apple is preparing to be ready for it.

  • Apple adds Thunderbolt to MacBook Air, Mac Mini

    At the same time Apple released its long-awaited Mac OS X 10.7 Lion (in a first, via online-only distribution), the tech giant also updated two of its Macintosh computers to include the Thunderbolt external bus technology that provides transfer rates of up to 10Gbps and supports storage, network, and video connections. The MacBook Air slim laptop and the Mac Mini small-footprint desktop both now come with Thunderbolt. The MacBook Pro and iMac were released with Thunderbolt ports earlier this year. Only the Mac Pro ships without Thunderbolt.

  • New Sony Vaio Z is thinner, lighter than MacBook Air

    Sony has introduced a new Vaio Z laptop to rival Apple's MacBook Air slenderness. Sony's new carbon fibre laptop is not only thinner and lighter than the Air, but also packs a punch in the specs department.

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