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  • How TomTom opened up for innovation

    Creating open APIs has helped TomTom Telematics build an ecosystem of third-party developers who are using its WEBFLEET platform as the basis of a range of fleet and vehicle management applications, delivering additional features to customers across a range of industries.

  • Commercial trucks to succumb to the Internet of Things

    One of the great mythologies of Australian long distance truck driving — the image of the 24-hour non-stop driver, staying awake on amphetamines and sliding past load restrictions, speed limits and compulsory rest stops — is set to bite the dust, courtesy of the Internet of Things.

Whitepapers about logistics

  • Quickly Delivering Products to Market

    Manufacturing is held back when designer, development, production and logistics teams are dispersed across continents, and face-to-face meetings are crucial to keep projects on path. This whitepaper details how video calling and conferencing is technology’s answer to better team communications, as well as lowering costs and increasing time to market.