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  • As Unix fades away from data centers, it's unclear what's next

    Gartner says that its clients have started planning to migrate from Unix. For some of them, it may take two or three years, and for others, five years. A few may still be running Unix 10 years from now, but nonetheless, Gartner believes the operating system is on a path to insignificance.

  • Fujitsu won't cede the Unix market to IBM

    Smaller vendors would seem to be at a competitive disadvantage in the $9 billion Unix server market, which is in seemingly permanent decline. But one of those smaller vendors, Fujitsu, vows to stay in the market for the long haul.

  • Torvalds marks Linux's birthday with a nod to its past

    Twenty-two years ago last month, Linus Torvalds announced in a newsgroup post that he was creating a free operating system, and he echoed the words -- and the spirit -- of that post in his announcement of the latest Linux kernel release candidate on Aug. 25.

  • Linux loses its luster as a darling among developers

    Linux had a big birthday recently -- its 20th -- but the event may have been a tad bittersweet for its most devoted fans. According to recent results of the annual application development survey from Santa Cruz, Calif.-based researcher <a href="">Evans Data Corp.</a> , Linux has slipped to third place in popularity, behind Mac OS and, of course, Windows.

  • Data center double duty

    Data centers continue to be filled with more and more IT systems, but enterprises aren't necessarily hiring more people to manage that new equipment, two surveys have found.