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  • Amazon hones Kindle store for iPhones

    Amazon today launched a version of its Kindle digital download store specifically designed for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch, the bookseller announced.

  • Amazon's near-$500 price tag kills Kindle DX buzz

    When it comes to e-readers, the hype machine has gotten ahead of the reality. Earlier this week, photos of the super-slim, sexy Plastic Logic Reader -- not available until next year -- circulated the 'Net and graced a New York Times article on the coming wave of big-screen readers meant to display newspaper, magazine and textbook content.

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  • The new Kindle DX is bigger, but is it better?

    If the excitement leading up to the introduction of the Kindle DX is any indication, you'd think Amazon would have the e-book market wrapped up and ready to deliver with a tidy pink bow.