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  • Recruiting Software: Ways Job Seekers Can Beat the System

    Ever since the Internet made applying for a job as easy as uploading or e-mailing a resume, hiring managers and HR personnel have had to contend with volumes of applicants for jobs. To help them screen all the resumes, they've turned to recruiting software and applicant tracking systems that filter candidates' resumes based on how well they match the job description. In fact, by 2004, 90 percent of the top 500 U.S. employers were using recruiting software, according to Human Resources Leader.

  • Recruiter's Secrets: 6 Job Hunting Tips for a Tough Market

    Whether they're employed or unemployed, IT professionals are anxious about their job prospects during this recession. They want to know how to navigate the worst job market in years and how they can differentiate themselves. Here's direct advice from recruiters on job hunting, with and without a recruiter.