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News about IPv6 migration
  • Opinion: The IPv6 magic trick

    A magician in a long black coat walks out on stage. A voice booms: “The great Mephisto will now saw his beautiful assistant in half”. The audience breathes in. The saw cuts through the box. The magician pushes the two halves of the box containing his assistant apart. The transition from internet protocol version four (IPv4) to version six (IPv6) is much like this magic act. The Web that was once one is now two.

  • IPv6: Drive innovation with rewards, not fear

    I’m a sucker for good, biting humour, and in the spirit of Stephen Colbert’s Medals of Fear that he gave to a few distinguished souls (the press, Mark Zuckerberg, Anderson Cooper) at the rally in Washington D.C., I would like to hand a medal to the US State Department for its 1999 publication of a country-by-country set of "Y2K" warnings — “End of Days” scenarios and solutions — for Americans doing business in 194 nations. I would give another medal to IPv6, the most drawn-out killer technology to date — and one that has had the longest run at trying to scare everyone about the end of IPv4.

Features about IPv6 migration
  • IPv6 tunnel basics

    More Internet traffic is expected to be carried via tunnels as the Internet infrastructure migrates from IPv4, the current version of the Internet protocol, to the long-anticipated upgrade known as IPv6.

  • IPv6: The essential guide

    Been meaning to catch up on IPv6, the next generation Internet Protocol? We've backtracked and collected a handful of stories that will get you up to speed well before IPv4 addresses run out.