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  • Interpol battling 'crime-as-a-service'

    Purchasing stolen credentials is so easy that anyone with a couple of hours of Google research and not many technical skills can do it according to Interpol cyber innovation and outreach project manager Steve Honiss.

  • AusCERT 2011: Eugene Kaspersky calls for Internet Interpol

    With cybercrime now the second largest criminal activity in the world, measures such as the creation of an 'Internet Interpol' and better cooperation between international law enforcement agencies are needed if criminals are to be curtailed in the future, Kaspersky Labs founder and security expert, Eugene Kaspersky, has argued.

  • Interpol issues wanted notice for Wikileaks' Assange

    Interpol has issued a so-called "red notice" for Wikileaks' Julian Assange, notifying police around the world that he is wanted for questioning by Swedish prosecutors related to sexual assault accusations.

  • Interpol fingers Aust for poor support

    An Interpol chief has scolded Australian law enforcement for contributing "almost nothing" to the global fingerprint database used by 100 countries to track criminals across the world.