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  • Budget 2015: Gap in govt funding for data retention criticised

    The Internet Society of Australia has slammed a $131 million government funding package to help telcos implement the data retention regime. The funding falls short of estimated capital cost of establishing the regime, which will require telcos to retain a range of customer data for two years.

  • Government urged to consult on anti-piracy scheme

    The Internet Society of Australia and industry group Communications Alliance have urged caution on the government's new anti-piracy scheme. Under the government's plan, ISPs can be compelled to block websites associated with copyright infringement.

  • Internet infrastructure groups move away from US gov't over spying

    After recent revelations about the U.S. National Security Agency's widespread surveillance of Internet communications, the coordination of the Internet's technical infrastructure should move away from U.S. government oversight, said 10 groups involved in the Internet's technical governance.

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  • The clock is ticking: Give IPv6 a test drive

    Major Websites are to test Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) by participating in World IPv6 Day, scheduled for June 8. Google, Facebook, and Yahoo, among others, have agreed to ensure that IPv6 entrances to their sites will be available, along with any network infrastructure needed to receive IPv6 traffic.