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  • Exetel takes on UK market

    Exetel has begun offering services in the UK, the Australian Internet service provider has announced.

  • iiNet launches new ISP Jiva

    iiNet has launched a new ISP brand – Jiva – offering only a single bundled broadband and landline plan in an attempt to woo customers with its simplicity.

  • Which ISP for my SMB? BigPond vs iiNet

    As a small business, it can be difficult to choose which internet service provider will supply you with the quickest and most cost effective data packages. Computerworld Australia compares the 200GB iiNet and BigPond broadband plans.

  • Exetel signals march on SMB market

    Exetel chief executive, John Linton, has signalled that the internet service provider has begun reshaping itself to better target the country's small and medium businesses.