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  • Industry digests Labor win as NBN forges ahead

    The major players in Australia’s telecommunications and IT industries were out in force yesterday to comment on the news that Labor would win Government and its flagship National Broadband Network project would go ahead. Most welcomed the news, although several had already started to look forward to the next step of the debate and rollout.

  • ICT industry reacts to Labor win and NBN

    The Australian ICT industry has been quick to react to the news that Labor will be able to form government following the support of Independent MPs, Rob Oakshott and Tony Windsor.

  • Online voting: a psychological, not technological challenge

    The past two weeks of Australia’s political history may yet prove to be a spur toward electronic voting but several barriers stand in the way of a nation-wide adoption of e-voting, according to Symantec’s chief technology officer, Mark Bregman.

  • Independent MPs back Labor, form minority government

    Independent MPs, Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott, have backed Gillard’s Labor Government after weeks of uncertainty for the Australian people, a result that will see the National Broadband Network (NBN) go ahead.