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  • How do they do IT? eHealth’s bleeding edge part 1

    Ever since the Federal Government announced its plan to construct a National Broadband Network (NBN) much time and talk has been dedicated to the endless possibilities of the fibre network. In few sectors has this been more the case than healthcare.

  • How do they do IT? Music festivals

    Music festivals may not have much in common with the Defence Force on the surface, but ask any of the IT managers involved in setting one up and it becomes clear there's a lot to do behind the scenes.

  • The IT avalanche: How the ski industry does IT

    Ask someone to conjure up their ideal image of winter and many here in this country will give you a picture of a slightly cooler version of summer. Ask others and a vivid picture of falling snow flakes, icicles hanging of chalet roofs, powder filled ski fields and a great way to get away from work during the mid-year will come to mind. It’s that latter image that Australia’s ski industry banks on in a frenzied 17-week burst of activity between June and October every year.

  • How do they do IT? Vintage IT

    Present at our most catalytic events, revered by many of the world’s religious orders, wine has buttered the tongues of warlords and dictators. Roman Caesars have gorged on it, medieval poets have sung about it and chemists have cured ailments with what was once an elixir, now a treasured beverage. And IT is changing the future flavour.

  • How do they do IT? 7-Eleven keeps the motor running

    Flexibility sits at the top of every IT manager’s wish list, regardless of the project or the technology. Systems that allow you to take advantage of new business initiatives not only provide the ability to ‘keep the motor running’, they also provide a vital competitive edge.

  • Country Fire Authority CIO, Michael Foreshew

    Decision making can be a critical process for any IT professional, but at the Country Fire Authority (CFA) it can be a matter of life and death. As a cancer survivor and father of an autistic child, Michael Foreshew took on the challenge in an effort to give something back to the community.

  • Vic deploys airborne fire spies

    The Victorian government has outfitted its fire-spotting aircraft with video cameras to spot fires and monitor the effectiveness of fire-fighting efforts.

  • Interview: Wild Oats navigator on IT

    Computerwold spoke with Adrienne Cahalan, the navigator on the former multiple winner of the Rolex Sydney to Hobart yacht race, Wild Oats, about how she uses IT in one of the most famous races in the world.

  • Riding the curve

    Technologies that might seem passé at some organizations are considered quite cutting-edge at others. Here's a look at a pest control company and a local government agency that are pushing the envelope in their respective industries.

  • Bank on IT: How the CBA and BoQ do IT

    Each morning, sometime between 9 and 10am, internet banking usage at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) peaks as just over 100,000 NetBank users log in to check their accounts, pay bills and transfer funds.

  • IT key to Sydney to Hobart competitors' chances

    Whichever vessel comes storming into Hobart to take line honours in the iconic [[xref:|Rolex Sydney to Hobart]] yacht race that kicks off on Boxing Day this year, you can be sure they relied heavily on their IT systems.

  • How do they do IT? Connecting with the resources boom

    With demand for Australian resources gathering pace following a lessening of the global slowdown, the pressure on resource companies to ensure their operations and IT equipment are running with as much efficiency, effectiveness and as little down time as possible is heating up.

  • How do they do IT? Mater Hospital

    Seven hospitals, 1000 beds, 7000 staff, 9000 babies, 35,000 theatre cases and 90,000 emergency attendances is all in a year’s work at Queensland’s largest independent hospital group.