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  • How do they do IT? eHealth’s bleeding edge part 1

    Ever since the Federal Government announced its plan to construct a National Broadband Network (NBN) much time and talk has been dedicated to the endless possibilities of the fibre network. In few sectors has this been more the case than healthcare.

  • How do they do IT? Music festivals

    Music festivals may not have much in common with the Defence Force on the surface, but ask any of the IT managers involved in setting one up and it becomes clear there's a lot to do behind the scenes.

  • The IT avalanche: How the ski industry does IT

    Ask someone to conjure up their ideal image of winter and many here in this country will give you a picture of a slightly cooler version of summer. Ask others and a vivid picture of falling snow flakes, icicles hanging of chalet roofs, powder filled ski fields and a great way to get away from work during the mid-year will come to mind. It’s that latter image that Australia’s ski industry banks on in a frenzied 17-week burst of activity between June and October every year.

  • How do they do IT? Vintage IT

    Present at our most catalytic events, revered by many of the world’s religious orders, wine has buttered the tongues of warlords and dictators. Roman Caesars have gorged on it, medieval poets have sung about it and chemists have cured ailments with what was once an elixir, now a treasured beverage. And IT is changing the future flavour.

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  • The technology behind games development

    Despite a lack of attention in past years, the Australian games development industry is increasingly punching above its weight and is contributing more to the economic prosperity of the country than its profile would suggest. According to the Game Developers’ Association of Australia (GDAA), the industry body responsible for growing the profile of the Australian interactive game industry, the sector is a dynamic and sophisticated one driven by strong creative and management talent, advanced technology, and 30 years’ games development experience.

  • IT the Toyota way

    Given all the things that come out of Japan, it’s remarkable and not a little bit bemusing how often it’s the quirky side of life that dominates any discourse on the country. Off the wall fetishes, cosplay kiddies, vacuous variety TV shows, manga, yakuza tales, ninja, games and gadgets are all top of mind as soon as any flutter of the Hinomaru is raised in conversation.

  • How do they do IT?

    Trevor Clarke jumps into the driver’s seat at the Formula 1 to discover the role IT plays in winning races.