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  • iSOFT picks North America president

    ASX-listed health information technology company, iSOFT (ASX: ISF), has appointed a new group operations director and North America president.

  • Prescription for e-health

    If there is one area where the benefits of technology reach their utmost potential in society, it is hard to argue against e-health. It has long been an area of exciting innovation and promise. It has also been chronically underfunded. But with healthcare reform at the forefront of the national agenda, the possibilities
    for an integrated approach to e-health makes the area rife with challenge and opportunity.

  • Study revives debate over cancer from cell phone use

    A group of international scientists today released a report that again raises concerns about cell phone usage and brain tumors, noting that one recent Swedish study saw a 400 per cent increased risk for teenage cell phone users.

  • NSW Health to spend $100m on electronic medical records

    After many promises and trials, NSW Health has committed $100 million over the next two years to replace existing paper-based health records in public hospitals with a state-wide electronic system aimed at improving patient care.

  • Home health-care devices help patients stay out of the hospital

    Various technologies enable patients to exchange health information with caregivers. Patients can use a Health system to videoconference with health-care professionals and receive videos about diet and exercise. Patients can also attach a blood pressure cuff or other devices using a Bluetooth wireless link and relay vital signs to a nurse.

  • Privacy rules slow adoption of electronic medical records

    In a study that is unlikely to find favor among privacy advocates, researchers from two academic institutions warned that increased privacy protections around health data will hamper the adoption of electronic medical records systems.

  • Intel, GE partner on home health tech

    Intel and General Electric have formed an alliance to market and create home-based health care technologies, in an effort to reduce health-care costs and allow elderly people to stay out of hospitals.