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  • LulzSec leader sentenced to time served

    A leader of the LulzSec hacking group is walking free after serving about seven months in prison because of his cooperation with police that has helped prevent hundreds of other attacks.

  • Skype-based malware shows how 'peculiar' malicious code can be

    Malware often does strange things, but this one -- which looked like Skype installed on a corporate domain controller -- was most "peculiar," says Jim Butterworth, a security expert at ManTech International, whose security subsidiary HBGary recently found the custom-designed remote-access Trojan on a customer's network.

  • Security roundup: Lockheed Martin sounds alarm on Adobe Reader zero-day; Microsoft patchfest coming

    When Adobe last week issued an <a href="https://www.adobe.com/support/security/advisories/apsa11-04.html">advisory</a> about a dangerous <a href="http://www.networkworld.com/news/2011/120611-hackers-exploit-adobe-reader-zero-day-253810.html">zero-day attack</a> based on an unpatched Adobe Reader vulnerability that was being exploited in the wild to try and seize control of both PCs and Macs, it credited Lockheed Martin for sounding the alarm about it.

  • Anonymous attack on HBGary Federal didn't ruin us, says CEO

    When HBGary Federal, had its website hacked and sensitive e-mail exposed by hacktivist group Anonymous last February, it became a question of how Sacramento, Calif.-based security firm HBGary could survive the damage to its reputation.

  • HBGary's Hoglund identifies lessons in Anonymous hack

    On Superbowl Sunday, HBGary CTO Greg Hoglund found himself locked out of his own e-mail account. As has since been widely reported in the media, the hacking group Anonymous leaked thousands of e-mail messages from the accounts of Hoglund and HBGary Federal's CEO Aaron Barr, chastising the company in a public statement.