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  • How Buzz, Facebook, Twitter create 'social insecurity'

    An insurance expert told the Britain's Telegraph newspaper that using location-centric mobile social services like Google Buzz, Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare could raise your home insurance premiums, or even result in the denial of insurance claims.

  • EPIC files privacy complaint against Google Buzz

    Despite the changes that Google has made to Buzz following negative reaction to the service, the Electronic Privacy Information Center has filed a complaint with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission charging the search giant with violating user privacy.

  • Privacy group swats Google Buzz

    Google Buzz has come under heavy criticism from the Australian Privacy Foundation, which believes the new social networking tool has major privacy flaws.

  • Google Buzz takes the fight to Facebook

    When the world's largest Internet company decides to spend some of its massive development budget on social networking tools, industry analysts say the likes of Facebook and Twitter better take a long glance over their shoulder.

  • Tedious tweets Buzz off

    Google has launched Buzz, a new tool which holds the promise of addressing one of the major failings of social networking apps to date: filtering out the gushing torrent of inanities flowing from people who are, in effect, complete strangers.

  • Gmail goes social with Google Buzz

    Google introduced a social networking tool called<a href=""> Google Buzz</a> Tuesday that allows sharing of status updates, images, and videos via a new Gmail tab called Google Buzz. The Google Buzz features will also be available on Android based phones as well as the iPhone (via a Web-based application) allowing for real-time updates to your Google Buzz feed that can show up on a new version of Google's mobile maps.