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  • In Photos: Gartner Symposium 2009 keynote

    In Photos: Gartner Symposium 2009 keynote

    The Gartner Symposium 2009 is being held at the Sydney Convention Centre. In the keynote this morning Telstra CEO David Thodey joined Gartner leaders in welcoming attendees.

News about Gartner Symposium 2009
  • Is unified communications still relevant?

    Debate over the significance of Unified communications (UC) as a technology continues with Gartner and Frost & Sullivan arguing that its is respectively, no longer a strategic priority and its an evolving technology still worth watching.

  • Consumer tech greens up the enterprise "collaboration desert": Gartner

    Consumer technology is leading the way in greening the ‘collaboration desert’ that currently exists in the enterprise, according to Gartner analyst, Robin Simpson. Speaking at the firm’s Symposium in Sydney, Simpson said consumer technology had developed a range of collaboration capabilities in recent years and there was lots of potential for those tools to fill the collaboration gap in the enterprise.

  • Look to vendor management programs to reclaim the upper hand: Gartner

    IT organisations which feel like they are at the mercy of their vendors should consider implementing a systematic vendor management program to address imbalances in power in their relationships, according to Gartner. Speaking at the analyst firm’s Symposium in Sydney, analysts William Snyder said through implementing vendor management (VM), organisations had the potential to better manage information flow, thereby improving the strength of their negotiations.