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  • Motorola bringing AI and AR to public safety comms

    Motorola Solutions, the arm of Motorola that focuses on mission critical communications for public safety and heavy industry customers, is working on multiple fronts to enhance the capabilities of its offerings by incorporating artificial intelligence, speech recognition and augmented reality technologies.

  • Fighting fires with data

    With far greater government attention to field data processing and communications, fire and emergency services can better handle on some of the more bizarre and dangerous situations they encounter.

  • Report backs commercial mobile broadband for emergency services

    Tapping the private sector for mobile broadband capabilities that can be employed public safety agencies, such as police, fire, ambulance and other emergency services, is the “most efficient, effective and economical” option, according to a research report on the issue released today by the Productivity Commission.

  • Emergency+ app arrives on Windows Phone

    The NSW government has launched a Windows Phone version of the Emergency+ app developed to help Australians call the right number for help in emergency and non-emergency situations.