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  • Pawsey rigs up petascale supercomputer

    The $80 million Pawsey Supercomputing Centre in Western Australia has completed the final upgrade of its ‘Magnus’ machine, which provides processing power in excess of a petaflop.

  • Storage virtualization buying guide

    Over the last five years, the terms 'server' and 'desktop virtualization' have permeated almost every conversation in the IT arena, with much being said about the wealth of benefits both can offer enterprises.

  • CSIRO seeking Linux cluster for SKA high performance computer

    CSIRO will spend up to $5 million on a Linux-based high performance computing system to help boost research efforts at the [[xref: http://www.ska.gov.au/news/Pages/090827-MinisterCarrnamesPawseyHPCCentre.aspx |Pawsey Centre for SKA Science]] in Perth.

  • Edith Cowan University sides with Live@edu in email wars

    Microsoft is taking the lead in the race to provide email services to educational institutions across the country with Western Australia-based Edith Cowan University announcing it will soon begin rolling out the [[artnid:194875|Live@edu|new]] hosted email platform to 36,000 students.

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