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  • Embracing enterprise DevOps

    The discussion around enterprise DevOps has matured significantly over the last two or three years according to Mirco Hering. But many organisations are keen to embrace the idea, far fewer have successful embraced it at a strategic level says Hering, the APAC lead for Accenture’s DevOps and Agile practice.

  • Commonwealth Bank CIO ready to embrace DevOps

    CBA CIO, David Whiteing, says he is interested in embracing a range of technologies more commonly associated with businesses that have a purely digital heritage rather than the complex technology environment of a bank.

  • Inside Domain’s technology transformation

    It’s fair to say that rise of digital has taken a toll on many Australian publishers, Fairfax Media among them. But although Fairfax has battled falling revenues as print fades, its multi-platform property business, the Domain Group, has delivered a string of outstanding results for the publisher, particularly in the digital sphere.

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