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  • Government eyes health insurers' data to help uncover Medicare fraud

    The Department of Health has launched a public consultation on proposed legislation that would lay the basis for increased data-matching between government entities in order uncover fraudulent or incorrect Medicare claims. The proposal could also see the data provided from private health insurers automatically matched against government data holdings to red flag potential fraud.

  • Aurecon launches global analytics team

    Engineering company Aurecon has appointed former Telstra Ventures director Eric Louw to lead a global data and analytics team, building on the experience of firm’s customer-focused Machine Learning Lab.

  • Google helps Australian businesses ‘Go Transform’

    Google is helping Australian businesses embrace digital transformation through a program that lets enterprises learn from its experience of creating a culture of innovation, according to the company’s local cloud boss.

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  • Slow Data Kills Business

    We live in an era where customer experience trumps product features and functions. How do you exceed customer’s expectations every time they interact with your organization? By leveraging more information and applying insights you have learned over time. Turning data-driven power into delightful experiences will give you the advantages required to succeed in today’s climate of one-click shopping and crowd-sourced feedback.