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  • Top ten most influential of 2010: Data growth

    It may well be referred to as ‘snorage’ but the storage sector is actually one of the more interesting segments of the ICT industry, largely as it is a window into what exactly people and organisations are doing with their IT. Think data, the myriad types of data, and the massive, unending, exponential growth in data by both consumers and organisations. And the biggest part is, the growth only gets bigger and faster.

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  • CASE STUDY: City of Santa Barbara Delivers Valuable Secondary Data Protection with Cohesity

    The City of Santa Barbara, California is located just 90 miles northwest of Los Angeles is the county seat of Santa Barbara County with a population of just over 90,000. Santa Barbara functions similar to a big city because it manages its own police and fire departments, city waterfront, and airport, managing an annual operating budget of just over $350M with approximately 1600 employees. The IT team supports all technology functions and operations for the City, including data backup and protection.

  • Case Study: Fox Sports