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  • Data literacy now a key workforce skill, says Qlik CEO

    Data literacy, according to Mike Capone, CEO of analytics software company Qlik, is to the information age what traditional literacy — reading and writing — was to the industrial age: a skill essential to anyone wanting to fully participate in the workforce, and one required by all organisations for every facet of their operations.

  • ACT prepares to launch Centre of Data Excellence

    The ACT government’s Office of the Chief Digital Officer (OCDO) is preparing to launch a Centre of Data Excellence that will help the Territory's directorates and agencies better leverage data analytics.

  • The data dilemma facing Australia: The state of data literacy

    The world as we know it has been characterised by a series of revolutions and inventions, that have changed how we live and work – assembly line, automobiles, airplanes, personal computers, the internet, social media, IoT, the list goes on.

  • NAB builds cloud-based data lake on AWS

    NAB has begun what the bank’s chief technology and operations officer, Patrick Wright, describes as its first foray into using cloud services to host and crunch data.

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  • Video how-to: Speed up R with C++ and Rcpp

    Sometimes when using R, you'll want more speed than base R can offer. That's why some advanced R users combine R and C++ -- and there's a package that makes it easy for you do so, too.

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