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  • Google's Dashboard approach to privacy

    If you use Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, or any of the ever-growing array of Google services, you may have cringed at the trove of personal data the company has gathered. To allay concerns, Google launched Dashboard, a single page housing privacy controls and settings for most of its services.

  • Google dashboard shows Android fragmentation

    Google is providing developers with a dashboard that is aimed at helping them decide which versions of the software to support and that shows the fragmentation of the Android platform.

  • Google turns on Dashboard

    Google has switched on a new global feature — a dashboard that allows its account holders to more easily see and control their user data. The Google Dashboard offers direct links for users to manage the data and settings for each Google product they use and easily see what can be view by others or shared.

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  • 2015 Remote support trends

    Remote support solutions today comprises more than remote control for PCs. With globalisation of companies, the workforce is now more mobile than ever which translates to an increased variety of devices being used. <p> This whitepaper looks at results from a 2015 survey showing trends of this market, showing more than 70% of surveyed businesses are adopting a remote support solution and nearly 50% have allocated budgets for this purpose in the next financial year.