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  • NSW government keen to tackle cyber skills shortage

    NSW government keen to tackle cyber skills shortage

    A ‘speed networking’ event at NSW Parliament this week brought together representatives of 25 companies that are seeking the next generation of cyber security talent with 130 students from the state’s universities.

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  • Microsoft wages war on passwords

    Microsoft is “declaring an end to the era of passwords,” according to Frank X. Shaw, the company’s corporate vice president, communications.

  • The password is dead, long live Web Authentication

    Stealing the password to a villain’s secret lair and infiltrating it to spring an elaborate trap might seem like an action movie cliché. In reality, it’s often villains who use passwords to infiltrate the accounts of individuals and organisations, setting a trap to steal private and financial information of innocent citizens.

  • Government appears intent on fast-tracking encryption bill

    The government appears set on swift passage through parliament of the Telecommunication and Other Legislation Amendment (Assistance and Access) Bill 2018, which Canberra argues is vital to helping police and intelligence agencies mitigate the impact of encrypted communications services on their investigations.

  • Alarm over government’s encryption bill rush

    The government has introduced its bill to help mitigate the impact of encrypted communications services on police investigations just 10 days after closing a public consultation on an exposure draft of the proposed legislation.

  • Government’s telco security legislation takes effect

    The Telecommunications Sector Security Reform (TSSR) — the legislative framework that the government has used to ban Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE from participating in the rollout of 5G — have today come into force.

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  • State of Endpoint 2017

    ​A recent study from the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) “Trends in Endpoint Security” study shows that security teams want more effective, more efficient cloud based solutions. With the endpoint being the target of most cyber attacks, endpoint security is rising in prominence. However according to the report, there is a complete lack of confidence in current AV solutions meaning that organisations are adding bolt-on technology for better protection, which in turn creates endpoint bloat and less efficiency.​

  • The Ransomware Threat

  • How To Build A SOC With Limited Resources

  • Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection