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News about containerization
  • Swift has hit its stride, ThoughtWorks says

    Although it's only a year since the language's public release and despite some issues around tool support, there's no good reason for avoiding Swift, according to ThoughtWorks' latest Technology Radar.

  • Atlassian explores Docker's potential

    Software vendor Atlassian is experimenting with potential use cases for Docker, an open source project that provides Linux-based lightweight containerization as an alternative to fully fledged virtual machines.

Whitepapers about containerization

  • A Smarter Approach to BYOD Management and Security

    This explosion of BYOD policies has taken a toll on already strained IT departments as they struggle to manage and secure corporate assets and data in this environment. This whitepaper details how containerization technologies can help to balance the corporation’s needs for manageability and security with employees’ demands for choice and freedom.