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  • Conficker group says worm 4.6 million strong

    Security experts say that the Conficker worm has infected an awful lot of computers, making it the largest "botnet" of hacked computers on the planet. The thing they can't seem to agree on, however, is exactly how many people have been hit.

  • Conficker activation passes quietly, but threat isn't over

    An expected activation of the Conficker.c worm at midnight on April 1 passed without incident, despite sensationalized fears that the Internet itself might be affected, but security researchers said users aren't out of the woods yet.

  • Fake security software scammers jump on Conficker

    Google's search rankings are being stuffed with links to fake security software that purports to remove Conficker, a widespread worm that's currently the Internet's number one security threat, but doesn't.

  • Romanians find cure for conficker

    BitDefender has released what it claims is the first vaccination tool to remove the notorious Downadup virus that infected some 9 million Windows machines in about three months.