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  • Australian startup snapshot: Vimily

    Vimily is a mobile app that streamlines video interviewing and enables quick sharing on the Web. The startup works out of the [[artnid:461502|Tank Stream Labs]] co-working space in the Sydney CBD.

  • CIO Australia publisher launches CMO

    IDG Communications, publisher of CIO Australia, Computerworld Australia and Techworld Australia has launched a new brand targeting C-level marketing executives.

  • The Truth About CIO Tenure

    Conventional wisdom has long held that CIOs should never say "Wait until next year," because that year often doesn't come for them. Everyone knows that CIO stands for Chief Information Officer, but in the early 1990s, it stood for something disparaging--"Career Is Over"--due to their purported brief tenures (two to three years, we were told).

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  • Elevating the customer experience in the mobile world

    With mobile app sales anticipated to reach $151 billion by 2017, there is no denying applications are reshaping the way organisations interact with their clients. This whitepaper looks at the factors that contributes to a compelling experience for the application end user, and how the combination of mobile application analytics and APM solution can provide deep insights that benefits both the CIO and CMO.