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  • NBN Co recruits ex-News CFO

    Former News Corp chief financial officer Stephen Rue will join NBN Co's executive team, the government-owned company rolling out the National Broadband Network announced this morning.

  • CFOs starting to see the business benefits of IT: Gartner

    The view of IT as ‘just another expense’ that seems to be widely held among chief financial officers is changing, according to Gartner. The research firm found that CFOs are now starting to understand that IT can help the wider business and are investing in technology.

  • Dawn of the hybrid CIO

    Both share the common objective of growing the business, but rifts between CIOs and CMOs are commonplace -- the result of misconceptions and outdated, stereotypical views about the other’s priorities. One is seen to have a short-term focus, the other long-term. One is the left brain of the organisation, the other the right.

  • The Truth About CIO Tenure

    Conventional wisdom has long held that CIOs should never say "Wait until next year," because that year often doesn't come for them. Everyone knows that CIO stands for Chief Information Officer, but in the early 1990s, it stood for something disparaging--"Career Is Over"--due to their purported brief tenures (two to three years, we were told).

  • Microsoft CFO to leave at end of year

    Microsoft Chief Financial Officer Chris Liddell plans to leave the company at the end of the year after managing the software giant’s finances for nearly five years, Microsoft said Tuesday.