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  • What Do CEOs Want from CIOs?

    Debates about how CIOs can earn a "seat at the table" have been going on for so long now that the phrase itself has become a tiresome cliche.

  • CIO study says IT leaders could one day be CEOs

    Canadian CIOs have all the key leadership competencies they need if they were motivated to one day take on a CEO job and running an entire enterprise, based on research findings presented at an industry event on Thursday.

Features about CEO CIO Relationship
  • Taking the temperature of the CEO-CIO relationship

    While they are not Felix Unger and Oscar Madison, a company's CEO and CIO can at times make a fairly odd couple. Differing agendas create significant challenges from the outset. At the same time, we all understand it is critical for the CIO to engage the CEO and senior business leaders in discussions of IT investments. Considering those somewhat contradictory points, what exactly is the state of the union between business and IT leaders?