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  • Government ‘still committed’ to guidelines for web-blocking power

    With the government yet to finalise whole-of-government guidelines for the use by federal agencies of Section 313(3) of the Telecommunications Act to block Australians’ access to websites, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has moved to develop internal guidelines on its use of the power.

  • Section 313: Still no guidelines for controversial website-blocking law

    Almost three years after the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) discovered that notices it had issued to a number of telecommunications carriers had led to the erroneous blocking of hundreds of thousands of websites for some Internet users, the government has yet to develop guidelines for use of the controversial legal mechanism.

Features about censorship
  • Five technologies Iran is using to censor the Web

    One month after a disputed presidential election sparked widespread unrest in Iran, the country's government has initiated a cyber-crackdown that is challenging hackers across the globe to find new ways to help keep Iranian dissidents connected to the Web.

  • Does Google know too much about you?

    Do you trust Google? If you use its multitude of online services on a daily basis you might, but is that assumption wise? For some, Google is a wonderful company with a broad selection of useful online tools that make life easier, but for others Google is a looming, unregulated monster just waiting for the moment to drop the 'don't' from the company's unofficial motto, "Don't be evil."

  • Has China's Green Dam burst?

    China did a sudden about-face late yesterday and decided to delay its controversial requirement that all computers sold after July 1 must come with Web filtering software.