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  • Chinese 'driving ICT agenda' in Africa: Wikileaks

    The latest US cable released by Wikileaks scorns Chinese ICT companies doing business in Kenya as "re-colonising Africa" with "good and cheap" equipment, even if the after-sales service is described as s***.

  • Telstra-NBN Co deal opens up 6m kms of fibre

    NBN Co could gain access to 6 million kilometres worth of Telstra's fibre networks as part of the $11 billion Financial Heads of Agreement deal between the National Broadban Network (NBN) wholesaler and the telco.

  • NBN: Underground vs overhead cable debate rolls on

    As the National Broadband Network (NBN) construction chugs along in Tasmania, debate on the mainland continues as to whether laying the fibre optic cables underground is more advantageous than putting them in existing overhead infrastructure.

  • Trans-Atlantic Internet cables may be filled by 2014

    Voracious Web surfers, e-mailers and downloaders will use up the trans-Atlantic cables that were overbuilt early in this decade within the next five years, forcing carriers to invest in new ones in a market that's become used to adding bandwidth cheaply, according to research company Telegeography.

  • Business BPL turns up at Casino

    While energy companies trial broadband over powerline (BPL) access for residential customers, the technology is also gathering steam in the enterprise market where Brisbane's Treasury Casino is giving it a run.