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  • Is Firefox 5 more stable than its predecessor?

    This week's release of the Firefox 5 browser came shockingly fast for Mozilla. Firefox 4 came out of beta barely 3 months ago--the previous numbered release, Firefox 3, was released way back in 2008.

  • Google Chrome browser will block dangerous downloads

    Forthcoming versions of Google Chrome will block downloads that Google considers dangerous. Upon clicking a questionable file, users will see a pop-up window saying the "file appears to be malicious," and asking if they want to cancel.

  • Firefox 4 beta 9 gives short shrift to Linux users

    Considerable fanfare greeted Friday's release of the ninth--and apparently final--beta version of Firefox 4, which boosted the popular Web browser with hundreds of bug fixes and a raft of powerful new features.

  • Google Chrome 8: What's new, and what's next

    The blogosphere may be buzzing about Google's Chrome OS and Chrome Web Store this week, but Google itself is focusing on its original Chrome product: The Chrome Web browser.