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  • Digital Video and Photo Tech Treasures [2011 Cool Yule Tools]

    Like smartphones and music players, the digital video and photography category has exploded with cameras over the past few years. Rather than focusing on every model and device with an X number of megapixels, we’ve focused our attention on new ways and gadgets that incorporate photography or video in new or different ways.

  • Miscellaneous Tech Treasures [2011 Cool Yule Tools]

    In our 12th year of presenting our Cool Yule Tools holiday gift guide, we’ve done our best to try to categorize the gift ideas into different groups – <a href="">portable entertainment</a>, <a href="">travel gear</a>, etc. While many of these ideas could, in theory, be placed there, sometimes we just feel that the device/gift idea should just be placed in “miscellaneous.” So that’s what we did with some of these. Enjoy!