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  • Facebook acquires Branch, Potluck

    Facebook has acquired Branch Media, makers of the Branch and Potluck online conversation-sharing software packages, a founder of Branch announced.

  • Biz Stone: Lessons learned from crippling DDoS attack

    Twitter Inc. co-founder Biz Stone said that the denial-of-service attack that knocked the microblogging site offline last week convinced him that the company has to quickly muscle up to deal with its phenomenal popularity and the problems it brings.

  • Security researchers zero in on Twitter hackers

    Security experts are making progress in their efforts to identify the hackers responsible for the distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks that that crippled Twitter for several hours Thursday.

  • Twitter says no to ads; So how can site survive?

    With Twitter Inc. co-founder Biz Stone ruling out advertising on the social network, the question for the online business world is: What will Twitter do to ensure it can survive the long-term?