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  • Gartner: Don't expect miracles from BlackBerry's recent facelift

    Gartner analysts said in a report released Monday that BlackBerry's new BB10 software isn't going to achieve world-beating results anytime soon. Even BlackBerry officials have literally begun singing the praises of the new Z10 smartphone in anticipation of its arrival in the U.S. market on Friday.

  • BlackBerry's Super Bowl ad: It's already a loser

    Representatives of The-Company-Formerly-Known-as-Research-in-Motion have reached out to embrace the company's legions of followers on "social channels" in arms of love. They gently remind us that this Sunday, Feb. 3, "BlackBerry will be featured in Super Bowl XLVII [or 47 for the Roman Numerally challenged] for the first time ever."

  • RIM plans to unveil BlackBerry 10 and two smartphones Jan. 30

    Research in Motion will officially launch its new mobile operating system, BlackBerry 10, on Jan. 30, along with the first two RIM-designed smartphones to run it, the company announced today. The company has bet its future on the platform's success.