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  • CloudStack releases first code under Apache license

    OpenStack has grabbed a lot of headlines recently, but competing cloud management platform CloudStack made some news of its own this week with the project releasing its first open source code as part of the Apache Software Foundation.

  • Apache forges ahead with OpenOffice.org suite

    In its new role as steward of the OpenOffice.org open source office suite, the Apache Software Foundation expects to offer an Apache-branded version of the package for developers in 2012. Apache also is carefully guarding its trademarks.

  • Apache moves Geronimo to OSGi base

    In an attempt to help developers create more modular enterprise Java programs, the Apache Software Foundation has reconfigured its Geronimo application server to a set of standards established by the OSGi (Open Services Gateway initiative) Alliance.

  • Adobe donates Flex to Apache

    In a move that appears to be another step away from its Flash platform, Adobe has submitted the code for its Flash-based Flex framework to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) to be managed as an independent<strong> </strong>project.

  • Apache Cassandra ready for the enterprise

    The developers behind Apache Cassandra are confident that their distributed database management system is ready for general enterprise use, and, after three years of development, have released version 1.0 of their open-source software.

  • Apache TomEE Web stack gains approval

    The Apache Software Foundation's enterprise Java Apache Tomcat stack has obtained certification as compatible with the official <a href="http://www.infoworld.com/d/application-development/enterprise-java-upgrade-geared-paas-clouds-223?source=fssr">Java EE</a> (Enterprise Edition) 6 Web Profile specification, Apache said this week.

  • NSA extends label-based security to big data stores

    The National Security Agency has submitted new label-based data store software, called Accumulo, to the Apache Software Foundation, in hopes that other parties will further develop the technology for use in secure systems.

  • Apache streamlines Lucene, Solr

    Further refining an already widely used full-text search engine, the Apache Software Foundation has updated Lucene to execute searches more quickly across multiple servers, the development team announced Friday. It has also improved performance of Lucene's accompanying search platform, Solr.

  • FAQ: What's the future of OpenOffice.org?

    Oracle suddenly <a href="http://www.networkworld.com/news/2011/060111-oracle-submits-openofficeorg-codebase-to.html">announced Wednesday it was submitting</a> the codebase for OpenOffice.org to the Apache Software Foundation, ending speculation about the open-source productivity suite's fate following Oracle's recent announcement it would be transitioned to a "solely community-based project."

  • Oracle submits OpenOffice.org codebase to Apache

    Oracle is submitting the codebase for OpenOffice.org to the Apache Software Foundation, where the productivity suite will live on in the group's incubator program for open-source software initiatives, Oracle announced Wednesday.

  • Apache focuses on cloud standard

    Recognizing the growing need for vendor-neutral standards in the cloud computing field, the Apache Software Foundation has prioritized development of its Libcloud unified cloud interface as a top-level project, the organization announced Wednesday.