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  • Cloud of confusion: Security in the cloud

    In today’s world, CIOs are continuously having to evaluate whether their data is safe and secure. Why? Well, with several high-profile data breaches in the past few months, organisations are now firmly directing their attention to securing and safeguarding their data.

  • ASC taps Accenture for digital transformation program

    Australian defence contractor ASC has signed Accenture to help implement a digital transformation program that it says will “affect all areas of its submarine and shipbuilding businesses, across Collins Class sustainment and warship construction and maintenance.”

  • Helper not hindrance: Why AI should work with us and not against us

    It’s easy to overlook the fact that AI solutions, like people, are intelligent. AI technologies can learn and act autonomously, and they are already managing our supply chains and approving our bank loans. AI is much more than just a technological tool, it has grown to the point where it often has as much influence as the people putting it to use.

  • Cultural change is necessary for analytics adoption

    The role of analytics is becoming an integral part of enterprise operations across every industry, but many companies are having to overcome internal change barriers to fully realise their return on analytics investments.

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