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Whitepapers for Disaster Recovery

Strategies To Solve and Optimize Management

Historically, datacentre administrators have been faced with challenges while managing multi-tier business services. The modern datacentre is often heterogeneous in terms of hardware, software, operating system and virtualization technologies. This can bring challenges and complexity to their management. This whitepaper looks at the how businesses can standardise their storage and availability management to deliver best practice. Download PDF

Disaster Recovery Planning Guide

For many organizations, a “disaster” usually means something that impacts the datacentre from the outside, such as the wrath of a storm or of a violent terrorist act. From a business perspective, a disaster isn’t just what makes the news, but anything that makes the ordinary conduct of business difficult or even impossible. This guide offers a business perspective, which finds that what matters most is not the size of the “storm,” but the scale of the impact. Download PDF

Best Practices for Business Continuity

Business continuity undoubtedly is at or near the very top of every IT organization’s list of strategic initiatives, considering the dramatic costs and implications of downtime. This whitepaper addresses the current best practices used by organizations should keep in mind when designing and implementing a business continuity strategy. Download PDF

Preventing data center system downtime: Advisory board Q&A

It is difficult, if not impossible, to recoup lost revenue and rebuild a corporate reputation that is hurt by downtime. While IT professionals can't expect to avoid every downtime event, the majority of system outage is caused by preventable failures. In this Q&A, we look at the consequences of data centre downtime and the steps IT staff can take to reduce risk. Download PDF

Automating Off-Premise Disaster Recovery

For many years, businesses and customers have expected “mission-critical” applications to be available on a 24x7 basis. However Applications which were once considered complimentary such as email and social media are now all critical to business success. Read about how to deliver continuous availability of critical applications in order to maintain an organisation's profit and market position. Download PDF

Linux as a Platform for Building Resilient Private Clouds

Linux is growing to be one of the mainstream solutions for volume server deployments, as enterprises look towards strategic platforms. In this IDC Spotlight, we discuss the central role the platform plays in building resilient private clouds and in supporting business-critical applications. Download PDF

Fast Fail-Over for Single-Instance Databases

Modern business-critical applications demand availability and uptime, a requirement with direct implications for underlying databases, operating and storage management systems. Find out what approaches provide a complete, simple and cost effective high availability fail-over solution for single-instance databases. Download PDF

Whitepapers for High Availability

Case Studies of Using Linux in the Data Centre

Many IT professionals are drawn by the savings Linux can bring to the data centre but are concerned about the potential uptime and data protection risks that arise from trysting business-critical applications to 'free' or native software. In this collection of case studies, we look at what the biggest challenges of a Linux deployment are and how to best deliver a comprehensive disaster recovery solution that is enterprise class. Download PDF

Leveraging Existing Investments to Build your Private Cloud

Successful cloud strategies need to achieve two objectives; cost containment and business agility. Among large enterprises, the implementation of a private cloud deployment are the size and the adequacy of the company's existing infrastructure and the limited IT budget it has to make major infrastructure changes. In this IDC whitepaper, we look at how best to leverage an existing infrastructure investment to deliver private cloud solutions. Download PDF

How to Improve Data Availability for Multi-Vendor Storage

All businesses and organisations rely on an 'always on' IT infrastructure to provide a competitive advantage and create unique customer values. Since today's data centres are rarely built on platforms form a single vendor, multiple tools and operations processes are required to mitigate any downtime. Find out how to build robust efficiency and cost efficiency that isn't tied up to a specific hardware vendor. Download PDF

Keeping Mission Critical Computing Open and Flexible

When organisations face the challenges in maintaining their competitiveness in a dynamic business environment, their ability to meet their time-to-market goals all depend on deploying agile and efficient IT infrastructure. In this whitepaper, we explore the choices in deploying mission-critical applications and how to deliver an open and flexible environment. Download PDF

Faster Reporting Whist Enhancing Data Centre Visibility

When big retailers and manufacturers want to better understand their customers' preferences and buying patterns, they look to market research. In this case study we look at how NPD Group, a leading market research firm, enhanced their visibility into its multi-vendor, multi-platform server and storage environment, as well as build a file syustem that would allow concurrent access to shared storage in a distributed environment. Download PDF

ESG - Veritas Storage Foundation High Availability

Raising the subject of availability is often met with conversations about high availability and replication products, along with the work involved in keeping 'data' available for access. Even with IT staffing remaining flat and the speed of business continuing to escalate, IT needs to find ways to keep the business running even in the event of an IT disruption. Download PDF


Keeping over 64,000 Linux data centres up and running Symantec Enables a Resilient Linux Data Centre*

Over the past few years, Symantec have been working closely with Linux platform developers to give you the confidence of achieving the economics and flexibility of Linux while maintaining service levels in your data centre. Symantec helps you to maximise your investment by increasing the resiliency of your Linux data centres through high availability and disaster recovery solutions, allowing you to minimise downtime for business-critical applications and reduce overall risks — even in the event of disasters.

With the common aim to provide high quality customer support, Symantec and Linux platform developers combine their front-line systems and provide cross-trained technical support engineers remote access to each other’s virtual testing environment to address all customer support requirements. Our streamlined support response process allows you to achieve maximum uptime for your data centre.

* Based on a Symantec internal customer report, there are 64,950 customers using Symantec Availability and Management Solutions for their Linux data centre worldwide. Data may vary or change without notice. (Data source as of Apr 30, 2012)

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