Gallery: Telstra Labs

Telstra’s new CTO, Hakan Eriksson, yesterday took journalists on a tour of Telstra Labs

  • Telstra’s new CTO, Hakan Eriksson discusses how augmented reality, using a smartphone can assist users when setting up new equipment in their homes. Read more: [[artnid:618560|Telstra’s new CTO rules the innovation roost]]

  • During a demonstration at the new Telstra Labs, Hakan Eriksson showed how sensors attached to a pool pump could be sued to measure water quality and control the pump so it could be operated at the most economically viable time.

  • The grey box Eriksson is pointing to allows developers to test devices using different cellular networks, handover between networks and what happens under different signal strength conditions.

  • The Telstra labs are equipped with different wireless base stations as well as their own, private, 4G network so devices can be tested in controlled conditions before connecting to the public network. The round access point is cellular network access point.

  • The rescue drone can drop a floatation device to a distressed swimmer and, using its camera, detect sharks and sound an alarm.

  • When working with startups, Telstra labs focuses on two things; finding the right problem to solve and then searching for the optimal solution.

  • Drones equipped with thermal-sensitive cameras can be used in a wide variety of applications from agtech to search and rescue.

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