In pictures: IBM’s SoftLayer Melbourne data centre

Facility part of $1.2 billion global investment by IBM

  • SoftLayer’s global partner Digital Realty built the [[artnid:553218|Melbourne data centre|new]], along with facilities in Toronto and London. Images credit: IBM.

  • The data centres in Melbourne and Sydney will be identically equipped, providing redundancy in the case of disaster. They will provide all of SoftLayer's cloud services including bare metal and virtual servers, storage and networking in one integrated platform.

  • The Australian facilities will be both about 10,000 square feet and each will have capacity for more than 15,000 physical services at launch. In the future, each site could expand to include 100,000 servers.

  • Data racks all ready to go.

  • Sydney and Melbourne were chosen to host the data centres because they are Australia's two largest cities.

  • Cables galore.

  • Danger: High voltage.

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