In pictures: AusCERT 2014 speakers

Trusting Security the theme for the 13th annual conference

  • Recurity Labs GmbH founder Felix Lindner spoke about nation state actors, hacking and geopolitical forces.

  • Princeton University professor of computer science and public affairs, [[artnid:545051|Edward Felten|new]],said leaks by whistleblower Edward Snowden about the United States National Security Agency (NSA)’s spying activities has highlighted that consumers need to take a more serious approach to online security,

  • Forty-five -year-old Internet protocols which date back to the US Defence Department’s (ARPANET) from 1969 were never designed for cyber attacks and need to be changed, urged Verizon’s US national security policy vice president, [[artnid:545151|Marcus Sachs|new]].

  • Information security consultant Pierre Tagle spoke about the revised Australian Privacy Act and its considerations for the technology sector.

  • United States Naval Academy Centre for Cyber Security Studies distinguished professor of law Robert Clark argued that applying laws to the Internet is no more difficult than in the real world.

  • University of Auckland department of computer science researcher Peter Gutmann told delegates that encryption won't save people online.

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